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Knowing where your wedding caterer sources their produce says a lot about their approach to food.

Caterers who source locally grown or farmed seasonal fare for their menus are making a conscious decision to make a difference. When we select food that has travelled a minimal distance, with fewer preservatives, less packaging, we know that food is fresher and of better quality. Choosing locally grown or farmed ingredients produced on a smaller scale, ethically and sustainably, is choosing flavour and quality for every dish we prepare.

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There are so many advantages to selecting a caterer who sources and supports local producers. We love to champion our local producers to encourage connected communities that thrive and survive. So many of our regional communities need our support more than ever right now. Investing our ‘food dollar’ closer to home, more directly to the grower or farmer, is a deliberate show of solidarity with those who have been burdened by recent events out of their control. What and how we eat can genuinely make a big difference to our world – but more importantly, it has a powerful and lasting impact right here on our doorstep.

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Food that travels thousands of kilometres has a substantial environmental footprint and has likely taken weeks, if not months, to finally end up in front of you and your guests. When the alternative is produce that a committed caterer has sourced and received one or two days from farming, there really is no comparison! Think local garlic and salad greens harvested within an hour of your table. We love a conversation at the farm-gate – has the weather enhanced or affected this batch of goat’s cheese, or the season’s beef or pork? How the preparation and cook can be adjusted to bring out the absolute best flavour, texture, depth of the food.

Choosing local produce also means you will likely be working with someone who will put together a carefully crafted seasonal menu rather than the ‘always available’ offerings. Working with you to design a seasonal menu means we will get the very best out of every ingredient. Seasonal food is harvested at the peak of its ripeness. It is full of flavour, meaning your menu will be bigger, bolder, and more delicious. Spring celebrations with stunning freshly picked tender peas or asparagus, bright herbs, and berries. Apricots, figs, and tomatoes for a gorgeous summer ceremony or the crisp but soulful brassicas for warming in winter.

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When we ask guests what they remember most from a celebration – often their answer is ‘the food’ and how good (or not!) it was. Selecting a caterer who is committed to sourcing local and creating unique, seasonal dishes gets your guests food full of flavour and vivid colour. And it also puts your touch of these details, making sure the day reflects who you are and what you value.

Selecting a caterer who chooses local produce is a unique way to leave a wonderful lasting impression on your guests. Locally grown and farmed food won’t come to you off a shelf or in a packet, it comes to you with a story.

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Ms Floral Says: Thank you so much for sharing the benefits of a locally sourced wedding menu. You make some excellent points that I’m sure couples will take on board while they are wedding planning.

About Trufflepig Catering & Events: Here at Trufflepig, we love delicious flavours. We love sumptuous, elegant canapés served amidst sparkling conversation. We love big, rustic platters of food shared amongst friends & family. Our food is handmade, vibrant and full of flavour. We understand where our produce comes from and source seasonal, local, organic and free range ingredients. We can’t wait to chat to you about your next event!

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This styled shoot was a collaboration between Indonesian photographers Terralogical and DUO events Creative Studio. We worked with both local and Perth wedding suppliers to bring together a styled shoot that explored the raw Australian landscape and the bright colours of an Australian summer. We intended to challenge the current trends in the Australian wedding arena and showcase something a little unconventional.

Aravina Estate in Yallingup Western Australia is a southwest winery with picturesque scenery. Still, we wanted to focus on areas of the untouched landscape such as fields of dry grass, fallen trees, blue skies and barren land that is quintessentially the Australian landscape, and combine the raw views with bright, bold colours.

For the ceremony backdrop, we used the root ball of a giant fallen tree and styled with contrasting brilliant colours for the floral installation, furniture and graphics, reminiscent of summer. Other shoot locations included the vineyards, dam and surrounding winery locations, and for these, we wanted to mix traditional wedding photography with fun casual photography.

The wedding vendors custom made elements to suit the concept, examples being the jewellery, headpiece, invites and on the day stationery, as well as the gourmet ice pops. We sourced furniture we knew would contrast with the raw landscape in colour but also form. As an example, we used ottomans as ceremony seating, the organic shape contrasting the landscape but also challenging the perception of a traditional ceremony chair.

We chose more traditional bridal attire, maintaining the usual expectation for wedding attire but teamed the attire with glowing makeup, bright accessories and colourful bridal flowers, challenging the perception that bright colours should be kept away from weddings.

The reception  was styled inside Aravina’s Barrel Room – a relaxed and rustic space lined with oak barrels, bare concrete floors and flakeboard walls. This space is an accurate representation of Australian winery sheds!

The table styling created the opportunity to inject more colour – bright ottomans, florals, styling pieces, menus and guest gifts aligning visually with the ceremony. We even included an authentic, traditional Australian dessert as the wedding cake, a pavlova! It had bright summer fruits and flowers and a fluoro cake topper, created by Aravina chefs.

Our intention for the shoot was to show couples there are opportunities for a wedding in landscapes they may not otherwise consider. And to say it’s okay to create a wedding that represents individuality!

Ms Floral Says: I adore the contrast between the bright colours and the harsh Australian landscape. This is such a feast for the eyes and the perfect inspo for couples wanting to do rustic or country styling a little differently.

About DUO events Creative Studio: DUO is a full service planning, design, floral and production studio; they create and execute one-off event designs. Their events are more than a gathering they are an exceptional experience. Every detail is bespoke and every element considered suiting your vision. DUO are distinctive, flexible, considerate and meticulous and these principles drive the quality of their work.

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There’s a place just west of the Great Dividing Range that would love to host your wedding. Actually, no, there are MANY of places west of the divide that would love to host your wedding. And an equal number of vendors eager to make your dreams a reality. ELOPE! And go west to do it.

There’s been a great surge in interest towards elopements as the COVID-19 pandemic has ripped a huge hole in many wedding plans. With great uncertainty and ever changing rules/restrictions, it is becoming increasingly stressful to navigate these times. If you planned to have your wedding in 2020, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you’re stressed. I’m sorry that you finally settled on a plan and COVID shat on it. I’m sorry that you don’t know WHEN you’ll be able to have your big day. If you’re reading this and you live in the city and your venue is indefinitely closed, you can’t get your deposit back and you’re desperate to just tie that damn knot… I’m sorry. BUT, I do have a solution. Your BIG day may be on hold but you may be able to say ‘I Do’ on a small scale. ELOPE OUT WEST! Are you with me?

The photographs in this feature give you an example of a great elopement shoot we helped curate in Dubbo, NSW. We set the scene for the ceremony amongst the greenery beneath some old gum trees on the banks of the river just outside the CBD of Dubbo. Two simple geometric stands adorned with dried flowers from Denise’s Flower Studio formed the arbour. The ceremony set up was complete. Literally just two stands, a celebrant and groom waiting between them and a gorgeous barefoot bride strutted towards the “alter”.

After the ceremony the couple built a champagne tower using the old dish style champagne glasses from Adors Hire in Dubbo and cracked open a few bottles of Twinkle Toes bubbles from Mudgee wine makers Burnbrae. Because this was an intimate eight guest wedding, the party could begin right then and there. The party moved down to a dried section of river bed where a single table was set up and styled by The Rural Bride and Adors Hire. The geometric stands from the ceremony were moved down and reused as decoration and as a table for the cake made by Cakes by Amy Rutherford. In a matter of 45 minutes, the classic wedding elements were ticked off. The party was in a secluded area, a free zone, so sure, anyone could have gate crashed the party but why would they? There was plenty of space for everyone that the wedding could continue undisturbed.

Here are some pros of having an elopement style wedding out west:

1. There’s plenty of space so you can adhere to the square metre rules… whatever they may actually be (who knows these days?)

2. We have less demand for our goods and services so it’s likely we’re available on your date of choice. But we’re also good people and if we’re not available we will generally point you in the direction of someone who is.

3. We need your business. For many vendors west of the divide, drought has royally messed up our bottom line with many country couples who would typically have HUGE weddings deciding to pull the pin due to lack of income. So we are keen for your business!

4. By choosing “west” as your destination you can take comfort in knowing you have contributed to the revitalisation of our small communities. Ten guests may not feel like much but those 10 people need to eat, find somewhere to stay, fill their cars etc. and that spending all helps.

5. You’d be considered pretty cool by all your mates. Haha!

It seems like a lot to consider. Our region, Dubbo and surrounds, has MANY cool locations for an intimate wedding whether they’re listed online as an event venue or just a barely heard of AirBnB or café.

If you think you’d like to explore what’s on offer in our region, you can take a look at The Dusty Reception. If you want some bespoke suggestions please send me, The Rural Bride, an email or direct message on Instagram. I’d be happy to help you wed out west.

Ms Floral Says: Thanks for sharing this with us, Georgie! You definitely make a persuasive argument for marrying out west. I’m sure it will encourage lots of brides and grooms to tie the knot in your beautiful region, and fingers crossed this gets businesses booming again!

About The Rural Bride: The Rural Bride is all about delivering you your dream wedding day in a rural setting. We believe that the best weddings are country weddings and the best brides are rural brides. See our Instagram or website to stalk through our hire items and coordination services.


This post features the following wedding vendors. If you've been featured below, we'd love to get to know you. Click here to join Polka Dot Bride.